Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to dress up?

Not at all, come as you are.

What if I am not sure about Christianity?

All people from all walks of life are welcome. Let’s discover God together.

Do you have any programs for my kids?

Yes, we do! Grade school kids have their own lesson downstairs. They are excused half-way through the worship service. Middle School and High School (6th-12th) meet Wednesday nights at 7:30-9:30. 

What can I expect on an average Sunday

Park and come on in! We will always greet you at the door. 

Enjoy some complimentary coffee and snacks.  We also have a full-service espresso cafe where the proceeds help fight human trafficking.

If you have kids, they get to experience the first part of the service together with everyone then head downstairs during the message.

In service, we sing a few songs, break for a quick hello, and continue with a 30-35 minute message. Please feel free to fill out a connect card and place it in the offering basket. We would love to get to know you. 

A typical Sunday lasts around 75 minutes. We will have you home in time to make lunch or beat the lunch rush at your favorite restaurant.